IoT Evolution Expo Florida 2016 Keynote: Ingenu
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ITEXPO Florida 2016 Interview with Ingenu
Tags: ingenu
On this IoT Time, Ken can barely speak intelligibly (let alone intelligently), but he gives some applause to Ingenu for aiming to connect the U.S. and SAP for working all over the world to build Smart City infrastructure solutions and issues a call to action to governments and municipalities to provide the will for urban connectivity and implores academics, developers and inventors to create new, purpose-built solutions for Smart Cities, because tacking new ideas onto old tech is just short-sighted.
On this IoTTime, partnerships lead the news. Samsung, LG and SK Telecom join forces to unite their connected home platforms in Korea. IMS introduces DriveSync, an telematics platform for connected home, car and lifestyle solutions. On-Ramp rebrands and relaunches as Ingenu with the lofty goal of building a national IoT connectivity network called Machine Network. On MyIoT, Ken hails this development as a positive sign for the future of the IoT. He says it’s critical for this kind of network to be ubiquitous and all-encompassing in order to make the IoT an ever-present feature of consumer and industrial lives.