2011 Buyers' Guide


2011 Buyers’ Guide

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The Year in Review:
Broadband Efforts, Cloud Computing, Mobile Boom Led the Way

2010 has seen some big moves by the federal government to address broadband accessibility; the introduction of at least one new iconic connected product; a continued shift to mobile communications; acceptance for on-demand services and pricing models; an expansion of video and social networking applications and uptake; and continued discussion about what all of the above means for service providers, particularly those that operate and own the underlying networks. At the same time, the worldwide economic problems remained top of mind for those in the communications industry and their customers this year, as they all continued to look for more cost-efficient ways of doing business.

The Opportunity for a Rural Telco in the IP World
Further, the FCC clearly acknowledges the need for "no flash cuts" with new rules phased in over a "reasonable time period." While change is coming, rural telcos should have time to adjust to changes rather than simply waking up on a Tuesday and having to turn on the new business model.

Achieving a Smooth Migration: Building a Next-Generation Backhaul Network
Current 2G and 3G fiber-fed mobile backhaul networks use highly reliable SONET network elements to transport DS1 services from cell towers to MSCs effectively. Service providers are using OC-3 and OC-12 circuits to interconnect multiple cell towers in a UPSR, providing non-service-affecting site scalability and survivability.


Publisher’s Outlook

Tips for the Acquisitive
BroadSoft is buying Casabi for approximately $1.95 million…

Editor's Notes

The Call for Optimization
To address the vast growth we're seeing from mobile devices and…

Hot Button

Net Neutrality Negates Innovation
The net neutrality debate needs to return to its virtuous origins: delivering the best Internet experience for consumers. Instead, today's discussion often centers around an academic exercise about the hypothetical scenarios communications service providers could impose on subscribers. The latter approach ignores the economics of good business and Internet innovation, which ultimately are in consumers' best interests.

Eye on the Money

Warning: Mobile Broadband Watershed Ahead, Instructions Not Included
Practically speaking, and with the exception of a relatively few advanced Western economies, far more people will have access to mobile broadband than to fixed broadband. Even in places like Korea, Europe, and North America where fixed broadband is prevalent, mobile broadband will offer a significantly different experience - one of real-time interactivity, convenience, mobility (duh) and location relevance.

Guest Room

The Real Economics of Upgrading the Network for Mobile Broadband
Popular devices such as the Android smartphones, the BlackBerry, iPhone and iPad have driven a dramatic increase in the number of data sessions in mobile networks, with greater than 10 times the normal number of session attempts relative to voice-only handsets.

Converged Views

Smartphones - Good or Bad for Network Operators?
Smartphone dominance continues to accelerate. As a result, application stores are fast becoming integral elements of the mobile phone user experience. Of course, many in our industry point out the fact that the vast majority of applications installed on smartphones are actually not for the purpose of communication. That most are games, utilities, personal productivity aides, document readers, media players and such. That other than for the initial download, they do not generate revenues for network operators. But is this really the case?

Mobile Services – Beyond Voice

OTT Video: Service Provider Friend or Foe?
Is it enough for them just to continue to increase mobile data access speeds? The simple answer is no. Mobile operators cannot just stand on the sidelines while new entrant companies develop over-the-top business models while the operators make the network investments.

Next Wave Redux

NGN: ITU Misses the Boat
As I move my monthly column from INTERNET TELEPHONY magazine to NGN, I can't resist reflecting on this magazine's title. The English words "next generation network" are exciting. I'm in favor of progress.

From the Desk of Michael Khalilian

NGN Forum to Unveil 4G and IMS Applications Guidelines
The NGN Forum will be completing its IMS and 4G Technology and Business Case document 4Q 2010. This paper will develop new business models and use cases for applications running over broadband IP networks.