Tipping the Scale: Broadband Fixed Wireless Providers Airband, Sparkplug Merge


Tipping the Scale: Broadband Fixed Wireless Providers Airband, Sparkplug Merge

In an effort to achieve greater scale, Airband Communications and Sparkplug Communications have merged…

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Broadband Stimulus Awards Wrap Up This Month, But the Drama Continues
Sept. 30 is the date by which the National Telecommunications Information Administration and Rural Utilities Service are required to disclose publicly all the winners of the broadband stimulus program. But just 45 days before that deadline, there was still a significant amount of money left to be awarded, a question about just exactly how much money would be available for the program, and at least a handful of winners that indicated they didn't want the funds they'd been awarded after all.

Cbeyond Celebrates a Decade in Communications
It's been a decade since Cbeyond was established, and although much has happened over the past 10 years, there's a lot that hasn't changed.

Availing Service Provider Networks to Developer Community Remains a Challenge
Historically, service creation in the telecom world took place on a platform-by-platform basis. You'd have your Alcatel-Lucent environment or your Ericsson platform, as two examples, but they didn't come together especially well.

Mobile Traffic Trends Parallel Fixed Networks
Consumers across the globe have embraced a new generation of mobile data applications that emphasize real-time on-demand attributes and functionality. Smartphones as a whole are being used less for traditional voice and more for connecting to the Internet to perform tasks more associated with PC activities such as streaming video and VoIP communications. According to a March 2009 report by analyst Chetan Sharma, a member of the GigaOM Pro Analyst Network, U.S. traffic data exceeded voice traffic by almost 400,000GB in 2009, and that ratio is expected to double this year.

Talking with the i3forum: Industry Group Aims to Ease Carrier Transition to IP
The road to IP can be a bumpy one. But an organization called the i3forum aims to help smooth the transition from TDM to IP.

The Mobile Battleground: Who's Going to Win the Customer Relationship?
BlackBerry, Facebook, Skype, Bing, Pandora - how many mobile providers do you interact with on a daily basis? The explosion of mobile services has presented new and more convenient ways to communicate, transact, and even be entertained, arguably transforming how we go about our everyday lives. But has anyone noticed there's one provider that seems to be excluded in people's everyday conversations about the latest and greatest mobile offerings? It's the carriers.

New Book from Alcatel-Lucent Guides Communications Players Through 'The Shift'
Alcatel-Lucent has published a book to share its research on consumer market opportunities within North America. According to the work, there is a $100 billion revenue opportunity for U.S. service providers that open up their networks to third parties.