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Free Premium Content Building a Business Case for Enterprise Access Governance
Organizations that lack proper IT and compliance procedures face a one-in-three chance of a data breach in any given year. And the cost of such a breach can far outweigh the cost of implementing an access governance system.
Free Premium Content Intelligent Branch Solutions for Enterprises, Service Providers, and Cloud Applications
More than a decade ago, in the days of TDM-based PBXs, the Branch Office was always the poor-relation in the family. It would either have its own key-system or small PBX (both with-out the more sophisticated functionality provided by the main PBXs in Headquarters (HQ)) or just use local PSTN lines. A travesty really, considering that in many cases Branch Offices are the local face to their customers of any larger company. They actually deserved the best communications, not the worst.
Free Premium Content Best Practices for Access Certification
Managing user access to information resources is the lifeblood of IT security. Nothing is more basic to securing a network, system, application or database than provid¬ing the right access to those with a legitimate business need. Employees should have every resource necessary to efficiently fulfill their responsibilities, and nothing more. But knowing and delivering exactly the right set of entitlements for every individual has always been difficult,and in today’s complex and continuously evolving environments it is quickly becoming impossible—at least with manual tools and processes.
Free Premium Content Sears Goes High Tech With Video Streaming
Free Premium Content Panasonic Adds Skype Voice & Video Calling to New Panasonic Blu-Ray Players
Free Premium Content Skype acquires Qik
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