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The Modern Workplace Demands More, and NETGEAR Delivers with Compact Wi-Fi 7 Access Point

March 28, 2024

By Greg Tavarez - Virtual PBX Editor

The way we work has undergone what some might call a dramatic transformation. The days of static desktop computers and limited internet access are gone. Today's offices are dynamic hubs overflowing with connected devices – laptops, tablets, smartphones, smart collaboration systems and even IoT gadgets.

However, limited bandwidth can still be a productivity killer. Slow connections lead to sluggish performance, dropped connections and frustrated employees. Businesses need a solution that can handle the strain – a network built for the demands of the modern workplace.

Wi-Fi 7 promises to provide a leap forward in speed, capacity and efficiency compared to its predecessors. And NETGEAR, a provider of networking products for businesses of all sizes, recently launched the WBE750, a compact Wi-Fi 7 access point.

The tri-band WBE750 is designed for businesses with high wireless internet demands and delivers up to 18.4Gbps total Wi-Fi throughput supported by a 10Gbps/Multi-Gigabit PoE++ port.

The WBE750 Insight Manageable Tri-band Wi-Fi 7 Access Point meets the needs of today's complex businesses. It provides real-time responsiveness, low latency and increased capacity. With the proliferation of connected devices like laptops, tablets and collaboration systems, businesses require solutions that can handle the strain on bandwidth. Limited bandwidth can negatively impact productivity and efficiency.

The WBE750 boasts high Wi-Fi throughput and can support up to 600 concurrent devices, which makes it one of the more advanced access points available.

So, what are the main benefits of Wi-Fi 7 technology?

We briefly touched on the benefits, such as low latency and increased capacity, but let’s dig a bit deeper:

Wi-Fi 7 technology allows devices to transmit and receive data across multiple bands simultaneously. It improves throughput and avoids connectivity issues. As Wi-Fi 7 becomes the new standard, businesses need solutions that can keep pace. Compared to older access points, the WBE750 offers faster data speeds, lower latency, less interference and greater capacity, even for Wi-Fi 6 devices.

NETGEAR engineers designed the WBE750's RF technology with a unique antenna system optimized for concurrent operation across all bands, including 2.4 GHz, 5 GHz and 6 GHz. Each antenna is individually tuned for optimal connectivity. Additionally, NETGEAR created an advanced filter for multi-link operation, a Wi-Fi 7 feature, that minimizes interference between bands for 20% to 30% better connectivity.

The NETGEAR Insight management solution offers easy setup and management of a small business network through a user-friendly cloud web portal or mobile app for compatible devices. The platform allows businesses, IT professionals or MSPs to discover, set up, monitor and manage their NETGEAR devices.

Additional key features include dedicated wireless support for consultation on placement, size and maximizing performance. There’s also unprecedented Wi-Fi 7 security with WPA3 encryption, backwards compatibility with Wi-Fi 6/6E devices and futureproofing for wider Wi-Fi 7 adoption as well as a mesh capability to create a comprehensive network by connecting multiple WBE750 access points.

“For businesses with 50 or more employees, each with personal devices, plus connected workplace equipment, network congestion can quickly become an issue,” said Iphie Chen, Senior Product Line Manager at NETGEAR. “The WBE750 brings Wi-Fi 7 to the workplace and offers a solution for businesses with these complex needs. Combined with NETGEAR’s Pro Router, Smart Cloud Managed Switches and Insight Remote Cloud Management, businesses with limited onsite IT resources can have an enterprise class, yet easy to manage total network solution.”

The NETGEAR WBE750 is available in the U.S for $699.99 and includes a one-year subscription to NETGEAR Insight Cloud Management.

Edited by Alex Passett



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