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EnGenius Switch Extenders Now Available for Shipping

December 28, 2023

EnGenius Technologies, a manufacturer of wireless and voice communication solutions, announced its latest offering aimed at enhancing business connectivity and efficiency — the EXT1105P Switch Extender. This new addition to the EnGenius product lineup promises simplified installations, cost-effective connectivity, and reliable performance for businesses across various industries.

The EXT1105P Switch Extender is designed to address the evolving needs of businesses by incorporating advanced features to streamline network management. One notable feature is its compatibility with the EnGenius Cloud, a centralized management platform for all EnGenius devices, including Access Points (APs), Power Distribution Units (PDUs), and now Switch Extenders. This integration allows businesses to achieve greater efficiency and cost savings through simplified onboarding processes, remote configurations, and self-healing power management.

EnGenius addresses power challenges commonly faced by industries by incorporating Power over Ethernet (PoE) technology into the Switch Extender. This enables flexible installations in remote areas where additional power outlets may be limited. The extender also includes PSE (Power Sourcing Equipment) output ports, allowing direct connections to devices such as cameras, speakers, and access points. This streamlines network expansion and ensures a seamless integration of various devices into the business network.

With EnGenius Cloud's centralized management, the administration of EnGenius devices is simplified with a unified platform for overseeing Switches, Access Points, Gateways, and PDUs. This enhances operational efficiency and contributes to significant cost savings by eliminating the need for on-site visits.

For industries grappling with security and privacy concerns, the EXT1105P Switch Extender also offers VLAN Trunking, so businesses can extend network segmentation to individual units or rooms.

In addition to power and efficiency, the switches also provide Voice VLAN support, for fast deployment of VoIP services and quick-scan device registration, for rapid and efficient onboarding of devices.

To further optimize network efficiency, the extender incorporates IGMP snooping for advanced multicast filtering and Spanning Tree (RSTP) for high availability and a loop-free topology.

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