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RUCKUS R770 Empowers Channel Partners with Enhanced Connectivity

October 18, 2023

CommScope, a provider of network connectivity solutions, has introduced an enterprise-class Wi-Fi 7 access point (AP) named R770 in partnership with RUCKUS Networks. This new platform leverages the advanced features of Wi-Fi 7, combined with RUCKUS's patented innovations, to deliver exceptional performance, especially in challenging industrial settings. The R770 is the latest addition to the RUCKUS portfolio, offering an enhanced solution for industry-specific networks.

The latest offering is powered by RUCKUS AI, a cloud-based service designed to enhance network resilience and provide valuable business insights for Wi-Fi 7. RUCKUS AI simplifies network management by offering crucial information to network operators, improving visibility, expediting issue resolution, meeting service level agreements (SLAs), and ensuring a seamless user experience.

Industries including manufacturing, multi-dwelling units (MDUs), and education, will benefit from the R770 platform's low latency and high reliability. Also, sectors like hospitality, large public venues, and even service providers can make use of the advancements in speed and capacity that are provided by Wi-Fi 7.

“Wi-Fi 7 is a quantum leap forward, the best way to fully utilize the capacity and performance offered by the 6 GHz band, and we’re privileged to take our place once again as a leader in this Wi-Fi revolution with the RUCKUS R770 platform,” said Bart Giordano, senior vice president, RUCKUS Networks, CommScope.

“When ‘good enough’ networking just isn’t good enough, organizations turn to RUCKUS Networks. Emerging use cases in many challenging environments will benefit tremendously from Wi-Fi 7 in coming years. With the launch of the automatic frequency coordination (AFC)-ready R770 AP, we look to transform our entire AP portfolio to enable the industries we serve to benefit from the tremendous advancements in Wi-Fi 7.”

Additional benefits include:

  • Higher throughput and capacity with a wider 6 GHz bandwidth and smart antenna technology, reducing interference, extending range, and improving connectivity.
  • Reduced latency and improved reliability through Wi-Fi 7 features like Multi-Link Operations (MLO).
  • Simplified security with RUCKUS DPSK3 technology, combining Dynamic PSK with WPA3 for advanced security.
  • Enhanced resiliency with AI-driven incident identification and remediation recommendations.
  • Quality of service over the 6 GHz band for indoor and outdoor deployments.
  • Integrated IoT support for BLE and Zigbee, enabling efficient management and communication for IoT devices.

For channel partners, the RUCKUS R770 also offers unique connectivity solutions to give them a competitive edge. It enables partners to confidently sell wireless solutions in critical industries where wired connections were traditionally preferred due to latency, security, and signal reliability concerns- and for MSPs there is enhanced network durability and reliability, reducing the need for on-site interventions.

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