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AVer CAM520 Pro3 and VB350 Elevate Enterprise Conferencing

October 05, 2023

In the fast-paced and rapidly expanding world of enterprise video conferencing (where seamless communication is paramount), AVer Information has introduced a new powerful duo: AVer's CAM520 Pro3 and VB350. These solutions are tailor-made to meet the surging demand for top-tier video conferencing solutions in the corporate arena.

The CAM520 Pro3, designed for medium and large conference rooms, boasts a 12X optical lens, a 36X total zoom, and an 80-degree diagonal FOV. Its agile pan and tilt controls ensure every participant and every detail is accessible. It also includes Zoom certification to make it even easier for today’s businesses to take their video conferencing sessions to new heights.

AVer's SmartFrame, Preset Framing, and Smart Composition features offer the ability to automatically adjust focus, even from a distance of up to 22 feet. With Smart Composition (i.e. embedded AI), it seamlessly transforms individual visuals into cohesive group shots.

The VB350, a dual-lens enterprise-grade video bar – which is also Zoom-certified – brings together dual 4K lenses, a broad 113-degree FOV, and impressive 18X optical zoom so crystal-clear images from wide angles and depths are possible. It even features lens-shifting technology to capture all meeting attendees seamlessly, promoting fluid conversations.

Other key features like Conversation View track speakers in real time, smoothly transitioning to frame the entire group for immersive meetings. Moreover, the Audio Fencing technology creates a distraction-free meeting zone by silencing outside noise.

"The CAM520 Pro3 and VB350 combine impressive enterprise-grade features and AI-functionality to provide a versatile and easy-to-use hybrid meeting experience solution for medium to large conference environments," said Carl Harvell, Director of Product for Enterprise for AVer USA.

"Notably, AVer’s Smart Composition, which is included in the CAM520 Pro3, is a newly introduced, click-to-play feature that requires no additional programming. Users can easily integrate headshots or half-body views to deliver high-definition views of participants for stress-free meeting setups and ultimate productivity."

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