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MiaRec Picks ChatGPT for New AI-driven Call Summary Feature

May 17, 2023

AI-driven technologies are leading the way today across industries. In the call center space, where these solutions have been increasing efficiency for years now, there are still new offerings being added daily that further streamline operations and assist agents with delivering the best possible service for customers.

MiaRec, a company that provides conversational intelligence and quality management solutions for contact centers has launched a new Automatic Call Summary feature driven by AI.

The latest offering uses one of the most talked about AI tools today - Chat GPT to easily summarize call transcripts and automate yet another task with the click of a button.

Chat GPT utilizes a large language model trained on vast amounts of text data to generate responses and content based on patterns and knowledge learned during training. It’s gained tons of popularity today for its ability to interact with users in a conversational manner.

The new feature from MiaRe works post-call to summarize the happenings of a call so agents don’t need to worry about taking notes during the call or stopping to write up summary highlights after each call. Now it’s done in seconds as soon as the call has ended and agents and supervisors can quickly and easily skim the conversations as needed without interrupting their daily workflow with the administrative summary task.

As an added bonus, the next agent can also immediately gain access to the call summary so they may take any follow-up actions and help to resolve customer concerns faster.

“We’re very excited about this new feature,” said Gennadiy Bezko, MiaRec's CEO. “Agents will no longer have to tediously read call transcripts or listen to call audio recordings to manually summarize call interactions. This task can now be automated at the click of a button.”

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