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Protect Sensitive Data and Stop API Abuse with Traceable AI's Zero Trust API Access

April 28, 2023

By Greg Tavarez - Virtual PBX Editor

The concept of Zero Trust is simple – treat everything as a potential threat until it can be verified as safe. This means that even if a user is authenticated, they will still need to go through additional security measures to access sensitive data. It's a shift away from the traditional "Trust but Verify" approach to security. It's like not letting a best friend borrow a favorite sweater because there is uncertainty if they'll return it in the same condition, despite their status in one's life.

API security, on the other hand, involves ensuring that APIs are protected from unauthorized access, malicious attacks and data breaches. This can include measures such as authentication, authorization, encryption and access control, as well as monitoring and logging to detect and respond to security incidents.

So, why discuss the two?

Traceable AI, an API security company, believes the two cannot (in fact) be separated. Therefore, the company launched its innovative solution, Zero Trust API Access, to help organizations better protect sensitive data, stop API abuse and align data security programs with broader innovation and business objectives.

Zero Trust API provides enterprises with a vast number of benefits. Here are a few of those benefits:

Dynamic Data Access policies allow users to classify and detect the data that APIs are handling and apply appropriate policies to restrict access. With these policies, enterprises easily create policies with out-of-the-box templates or customize policies based on organization needs.

Traceable's ZTAA also provides Continuous Adaptive Trust, which continuously adjusts to an organization's threat landscape. This is achieved through real-time, context-based authentication and authorization for API access.

Furthermore, the solution features Intelligent Rate Limiting, which helps prevent API abuse by automatically limiting the number of requests an API can receive. After the limit is reached, the policy rejects all requests. An important feature to have, as it provides enhanced protection against API DDoS attacks, reduces load on backend APIs, honors SLAs and reduces costs often associated with third-party APIs.

With these features, Traceable enables businesses to offer new products and services with confidence, turning security from a hindrance to a catalyst for growth.

“Traceable’s Zero Trust API Access provides a guiding principle for API security architectures for enhanced data protection, security posture and resiliency,” said Sanjay Nagaraj, Chief Technology Officer of Traceable. “APIs are the universal attack vector, and if companies truly want to take the Zero Trust framework seriously, protect their data and create an environment that enables the ability to grow securely, they need a solution that is both strategic and tactical.”

The Zero Trust API Access offered by Traceable plays a key role in aligning contemporary application architectures with Zero Trust implementations, while also extending the Zero Trust Security model to encompass the application stack.

Edited by Alex Passett



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