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NLP Bots for Intelligent Automation? Expert.AI and Reveal Group Make it Happen

April 11, 2023

By Greg Tavarez - Virtual PBX Editor

Companies today generate large amounts of data from various sources, including emails, customer messages and chat transcripts. One problem is that a vast majority of this data remains unstructured, posing a challenge for organizations to extract actionable insights from it. In fact, according to Reveal Group, about 80%-90% of enterprise data is unstructured.

The failure to harness valuable information contained in unstructured data limits the potential for businesses to improve their operations and enhance customer experience. It is suggested that companies benefit from automating their data management processes to enable a better understanding, analysis and use of unstructured data.

Therefore, there is a need for businesses to invest in technologies that transform unstructured data. Enter and Reveal Group with a partnership to help organizations extend the value in intelligent automation programs with natural language processing and understanding (NLP/NLU).

This partnership is important because the combination of RPA and NLP/NLU allows enterprises to improve automation's flexibility and scalability, making it possible to handle more complex business processes and use cases. AI-based NLP capabilities of the hybrid natural language platform provide accuracy, contextual understanding and flexibility to accelerate and improve organizations’ data automation strategies.

“Most RPA programs have parked opportunities due to unstructured text,” said Josh Noble, partner, Reveal Group. The Reveal Group specializes in deploying and scaling intelligent process automation programs using its Blueprint for Scale methodology and Reveal RoboSuite tools.

Noble continued by saying, “ unlocks this free text without the limitations of infrastructure, training data and explainability, which have typically stalled enterprise NLP initiatives.”

For those not familiar with it, is a company that specializes in AI-based natural language software. They provide services to various industries, including insurance, banking and finance, publishing, media and defense. The platform turns language into data, analyzes complex documents, automates processes and improves decision making.

All in all,'s natural language platform uses a combination of symbolic and machine learning (ML) to solve real-world problems and enhance business operations at speed and scale.

When combined with Reveal Group, the two offer intelligent automation services using a hybrid AI platform. The platform enhances RPA bots' effectiveness in solving routine tasks and enables automation of more complex and language-intensive processes. With's NLP outputs, Reveal Group automates various use cases, including email triage in customer service, data analysis in legal departments, claims management in insurance companies and customer onboarding in banking and financial services.

“At, we are committed to helping our customers unlock the value of all their enterprise data,” said Luca Scagliarini, Chief Product Officer at “With Reveal Group, we can expand the potential of RPA creating ‘NLP bots' by analyzing any kind of document and deliver intelligent automation at scale to help customers accelerate their business impact and gain a competitive advantage.”

Through the partnership between and Reveal Group, enterprises now have the ability to increase the flexibility and scalability of automation, expanding deployment to more complex use cases and business processes by making sense of unstructured language data.

Edited by Alex Passett



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