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RingCentral Launches RingSense AI Platform for Enhanced Business Communications

April 04, 2023

Enterprise cloud communications provider RingCentral announced the launch of RingSense, a new AI platform that uses conversational data to offer insights that improve productivity and drive business outcomes.

Specifically, the new platform uses generative AI and is designed to enhance business communications and collaboration by empowering organizations to transform their conversational data into powerful analytics and insights.

The company has had its hand in AI for sometime developing AI models that deliver conversations, speech analysis and emotional sentiment recognition. It’s also rolled out a number of AI-powered video meeting capabilities so users can quickly catch up on meetings they missed or gain automated note taking.

“Today marks an important step forward in our journey. Generative AI is a game-changing technology that will fundamentally transform communications and collaboration. Natural language, and voice in particular, has always been a universal interface for information, intent, and emotion that has been largely untapped," said Vlad Shmunis, founder, chairman and CEO, RingCentral.

“Now with RingSense, we have the opportunity to inject cutting-edge AI across the entire RingCentral portfolio and make communications a powerful resource for businesses to unlock new potential and quickly extract meaningful information and insights.”

The first offering in its portfolio, RingSense for Sales, has also been launched. This tool brings power to sales people by providing insights into all of their interactions with prospects so they can improve their efficiency and helps leaders to better train and mentor teams to reach greater levels of sales success. 

Some of the features it includes are automated follow-ups to drive productivity as well as AI-generated summary scoring so managers can prioritize the conversations that need the most attention and the ability to track keywords and phrases for better use of the trackers.

"RingSense for Sales gives every salesperson and every sales manager superpowers to help them close more deals, faster. It senses critical needs and enhances the salesperson’s ability to close a deal, by extracting insights from conversations, and automating meeting notes, while providing coaching, analysis, and recommendations for next best actions," added Shmunis.

The company has also introduced AI APIs to provide developers and customers with access to their own data from RingCentral. This makes it possible to extract transcriptions, summarizations, sentiment analysis, and interaction analysis for voice, video, and chat - improving customer interactions and leading to higher customer retention.

“Artificial intelligence (AI) is the fuel that will fundamentally transform how we think about digital transformation today. The era of deploying enterprise AI in isolation, while wrestling with outcome uncertainty is over,” said Jim Lundy, founder and CEO of Aragon Research. “RingCentral has created an enterprise-grade AI with a results-based design.

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