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XConnect Collaborates with Cataleya to Better Combat Voice and SMS Fraud

April 03, 2023

Numbering intelligence solutions provider, XConnect, announced a partnership with IP communication solutions provider Cataleya and IPTP Networks to help prevent voice and SMS fraud for its customers. The company will be using its global number intelligence data to help block fraudulent and invalid numbers and add support for the telecom industry's efforts to combat fraud.

Specifically, the company’s Global Number Range and Number Portability data will be deployed within Cataleya’s Session Border Controller and SMS Platform as a way to improve accuracy and efficiency fo enterprise and wholesale customers.

Voice and SMS fraud can be very serious for individuals and businesses. These types of fraud can result in financial loss, identity theft, and damage to reputation.

Preventing this type of fraud is a top priority for communication providers, as fraudsters are becoming increasingly sophisticated and creating new vulnerabilities for consumers due to advancements in mobile technology.

For businesses especically, voice and SMS fraud can result in significant financial loss, particularly if fraudulent transactions are authorized or sensitive information is compromised. While also causing damage the company's reputation and resulting in legal and regulatory action.

Cataleya will strengthen its offerings and better protect its customers while also gaining more visibility and control. With XConnect it can see whether a number is valid, in a live range, if it has been ported and if it is allocated to a provider.

Tim Ward, VP Number Information Services at XConnect commented, “Our partnership with Cataleya is enabling us to strengthen the industry-wide anti-fraud proposition and protect enterprises and individuals from damaging losses. Through our data, Cataleya gains reliable and up-to-date telecoms data to solve challenges and optimise its offerings.”

“Together, we are keeping consumers safe during a time where rapid communications service adoption is under threat from the evolving fraud ecosystem,” said Andreas Hipp, CEO of Cataleya.

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