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Nextiva Workhub Fuses Team Collaboration, Customer Communication

July 22, 2022

By Greg Tavarez - Virtual PBX Editor

Companies built standalone applications to solve one problem at a time for more than two decades. The result is a large number of apps from communication, collaboration and productivity tools to customer engagement tools.

Knowing businesses lacked the resources and capabilities to integrate communication apps and solutions, Nextiva unveiled a communications and productivity workhub. The software will enable individuals and teams to manage conversations from a single place, boosting their productivity and customer engagement.

Threaded conversations are at the center of Nextiva’s new application. Interactions from voice, text, email and video meetings are brought into a single view with contact management, productivity tools and customer engagement tools.

“With our latest innovation, we’re helping businesses transform with meaningful conversations that build strong and lasting relationships with customers,” said Tomas Gorny, co-founder and CEO of Nextiva. “Our goal is to help businesses bring an end to frustrated teams and unhappy customers so they can grow, retain employees and acquire new customers.”

Nextiva designed its application with business users and their customers in mind. The Nextiva app is enabling data sharing from files, messages, links, notes, attachments and recordings together with conversations. Productivity and customer experiences are improved when information is easily accessible and referenceable.

Businesses have various benefits from the innovative approach to software:

  • The number of applications is reduced.
  • Seamless team and customer communication is delivered.
  • Surveys and customer feedback are embedded directly into customer conversations.
  • Data sharing between various teams is improved.
  • Automation is eliminating those dull, repetitive tasks.
  • Customers are happier as businesses engage with them on their preferred channels.
  • Businesses are able to get work done faster.

“We at Nextiva envision a world where instead of focusing on various tools, we bring conversations together into a single place and merge technologies to create a seamless experience that puts customers and teams first,” said Gorny.

The new app is creating a future where team collaboration and customer communication are not isolated, and businesses are getting things done without switching apps.

Edited by Greg Tavarez



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