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New PSTN Replacement Service Reaches Estonia

July 11, 2022

By Greg Tavarez - Virtual PBX Editor

The PSTN is the traditional circuit-switched telephone network that has enabled landline calls for more than a century. However, the equipment required to keep the PSTN functioning is outdated and costly to maintain. In addition, PSTN service doesn’t enable the same features and functionality as modern VoIP technology, which businesses are leveraging more and more to increase operational efficiencies and elevate user experience.

This brings up the importance of PSTN replacement to VoIP and other IP-based communications services to deliver reliable cloud calling across the globe. Businesses can take advantage of PSTN replacement if they are looking to consolidate voice services to a single provider, integrate with a unified communications platform or migrate away from legacy systems – or all of the above.

Further expanding its geographic portfolio in its ongoing drive to meet the needs of businesses that operate globally and require a single voice provider with global coverage, Pure IP announced it is certified to offer full PSTN replacement services in Estonia.  

"The move toward cloud-based telephony continues to grow, and we're finding more often that businesses require one voice provider to cover several regions, especially multinationals with a global presence,” said Pure IP CEO Gary Forrest.

Using a single voice provider, such as Pure IP, will benefit businesses because it will provide better visibility over call usage, lower troubleshooting times and support while integrating platforms and systems. A single voice provider will also give large and multi-national organizations the opportunity to move away from managing relationships with multiple local carriers and combine their voice services in the cloud.  

“Customers need to know their chosen provider is licensed to provide the service to avoid the risk of disruption to service,” said Forrest.

This expansion marked a total of 45 counties where Pure IP is licensed to offer full PSTN replacement services.

Edited by Erik Linask



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