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Vodafone and RingCentral Unveil Co-Developed Platform

February 04, 2022

By Luke Bellos - Editor, Virtual PBX

This week, Vodafone and RingCentral jointly announced the release of a new communications platform, Vodafone Business UC with RingCentral. The co-branded platform combines digital communication capabilities with 5G mobility support, allowing users to virtually collaborate and work effectively in remote settings.

The global economy is going through a monumental change. Digital activity is taking over traditional office settings, and business leaders are actively investing in new infrastructure to allow employees to work from distant locations. With Vodafone Business UC with RingCentral, customers get the best of what both companies have to offer: RingCentral’s Message Video Phone™ (MVP™) capabilities paired with Vodafone’s broad network coverage, along with support for additional applications to help businesses thrive in the age of remote work.

“Combining RingCentral’s industry-leading cloud communications with Vodafone’s leadership in mobility, 5G, and international connectivity unlocks new ways for companies to grow and run their businesses,” commented Homayoun Razavi, Chief Business Development Officer at RingCentral Our open platforms and joint innovation are paving new paths to productivity and engagement around the world.”

Vodafone Business UC with RingCentral can be integrated into a number of popular CRMs and business applications, such as Microsoft 365, or can be purchased as a standalone service. Users will also benefit from data analysis capabilities, task management tools, and call management features. Vodafone and RingCentral will launch the platform in the UK, Germany, Hong Kong, Italy, Portugal, Singapore, Spain, and Sweden.

“As businesses adapt to a disruptive and changing environment, they need to become more automated and agile in their way of working. Bringing technologies together that work in sync, connecting people, processes and information for faster decision making, will be critical. Vodafone is committed to supporting the digital journeys of companies big and small, so we’re pleased to be working with RingCentral to support this move and help organizations become fit for the future.”

Edited by Luke Bellos


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