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Kaleyra Announces Partnership with Banca Sella

February 01, 2022

By Luke Bellos - Editor, Virtual PBX

Omnichannel communications service provider Kaleyra recently announced a new partnership with Banca Sella, one of Italy's leading financial institutions. Kaleyra is integrating video communications support for the bank's new co-developed wealth management platform, Sella Global Advisory.

With pandemic restrictions still requiring citizens to stay socially distanced, executives with Banca Sella wanted to provide banking customers with a convenience service to manage their finances, ask questions, and seek financial advice, without demanding in-person visits. The company turned to Kaleyra to integrate video conferencing capabilities into the Sella Global advisory platform, allowing customers to communicate with representatives from any connected location.

In addition to video support, the platform allows users to schedule physical or remote appointments, securely share customer documents, and create email alerts to notify representatives about customer meeting requests.

"Our goal is to help companies communicate and collaborate with their customers in the simplest, safest and fastest way possible, through the use of the digital touchpoints they already own," said Kaleyra Chief Business Officer Mauro Carobene. "In this case, Kaleyra's video technology facilitates Banca Sella's remote customer interactions, which helps establish and maintain lasting customer relationships. We are encouraged by initial signs of successful Kaleyra Video integrations, and look forward to replicating our omnichannel product offering with additional partners in the coming quarters."


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