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CallTower Partners With SingleWire To Enable Emergency Notification

January 27, 2022

By Luke Bellos - Editor, Virtual PBX

Modern technology is incredibly beneficial for business productivity and entertainment purposes, yet we tend to forget how it’s impacted emergency services for everyday people. Thanks to cloud support and broad network coverage, first responders can cut back on their response times to help those in need at a much faster rate.

According to a recent article by UC Today, unified communications company CallTower announced a new partnership with emergency communications service provider, SingleWire. As part of this new relationship, CallTower customers will now have access to SingleWire’s InformaCast offering ; a notification system for mobile and desktop devices, allowing organizations to send out mass alerts in emergency situations.

Generally speaking, legacy telephony systems lack the same functionality as cloud-based versions, but some companies going through digital transformations point out their new systems are unable to provide paging and PA support for urgent situations.  This is a very important feature for highly populated buildings, such as hospitals, schools, or offices, where getting the word out quickly is critical for maintaining safety.

With SingleWire’s InformaCast, CallTower customers using Cisco or Microsoft systems can now send immediate mass communications through phone, email, SMS, audio paging, in emergency situations. Users will also be able to use their mobile device as a panic button, enabling them to quickly notify police for quicker response times. This functionality is particularly useful in times of crisis, such as during viral outbreaks, severe weather,active shooter situations, when notifying massive groups of people quickly is imperative.

Offering InformaCast to customers also helps with safety protocol compliance. With Ray Baum’s Act, Alyssa’s Law, and Kari’s Law now in effect, businesses and public establishments need to ensure their infrastructure is advanced enough to quickly connect with first responders during emergencies. With Informacast, customers will instantaneously improve their safety strategy, allowing police and medical professionals to support victims faster.

Edited by Luke Bellos



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