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Vonage Joins Forces with WhatsApp to Expand COVID19 Chatbot

January 25, 2022

By Luke Bellos - Editor, Virtual PBX

The recent pandemic presented a monumental wakeup call about the importance of accurate public health information. With so many varying opinions from health professionals across the globe, combined with misinformation campaigns across the web, it's becoming tougher for citizens to find the facts they need, especially when it comes to the COVID19 vaccine.

In response to this problem, WhatsApp and the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health co-developed the Vaccine Information Resource Assistant(VIRA),a chatbot specifically designed to help users find reliable answers to  health questions related to the coronavirus and its vaccine. To expand the capabilities of this program even further, WhatsApp recently partnered with global communications leader,Vonage.

As part of this business relationship, WhatsApp will leverage Vonage Messages API to embed VIRA into the WhatsApp platform, allowing users to ask real-time COVID19 questions while receiving answers provided from more than 350 leading healthcare experts and trusted professionals. Additionally, users can search for important information, such as vaccination destinations or possible viral symptoms, in order to maintain safety throughout the remainder of the pandemic.

"With the Vonage Messages API for WhatsApp, we are helping institutions like Johns Hopkins connect and engage with users from virtually anywhere, on-demand," said Joy Corso, CMO of Vonage. "Access to up-to-date healthcare and protective guidance information is crucial to staying safe and healthy. Vonage is proud to be partnering with Johns Hopkins on such an important public service."

WhatsApp users who wish to chat with VIRA can simply dial +1 410-401-0306, or access through direct link.

Edited by Maurice Nagle


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