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Infobip Achieves HIPAA Certification, Completes Attestation Examination

November 23, 2021

By Luke Bellos - Editor, Virtual PBX

Croatian telecommunications company Infobip revealed the successful completion of a Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) attestation examination, allowing the company to move forward with communications services within the US healthcare industry.

As part of the attestation procedure, Infobip completed an independent service audit to examine the security of SMS services, in order to ensure patient healthcare data meets HIPAA standards. Infobip customers subject to HIPAA regulations will now be required to sign a business associate agreement to ensure compliance for communications services.

“The importance of the healthcare industry to a society’s wellbeing cannot be overstated.” said Aurora Volarovic, VP Public Affairs at Infobip. “Numerous studies have shown that better communication with patients can significantly improve patient outcomes. Infobip feels it has a duty to be part of a solution that helps improve people’s lives. Our whole business ethos revolves around creating seamless trusted connections between people and the businesses that deliver services to them.”

Patient information privacy has long been a priority for healthcare workers, but reached new levels of importance over the course of the pandemic as telehealth services became more widely used. Additionally, hospital administrations now use digital technology to connect with patients and colleges through messaging services for both speed and convenience.

With the attestation finished, Infobip can now offer secure SMS and related services to healthcare organizations across the U.S. looking to reap the benefits of modernized communications.


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