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iBASIS Continues Fight Against Scammers with FraudLock iQ360

October 19, 2021

By Luke Bellos - Editor, Virtual PBX

Anyone with a cellphone or landline is aware of the amount of scam calls that come through on a regular basis. In the early days of phone service, scammers were less frequent and unsophisticated, using basic tricks to collect private info or financial details from unsuspecting customers. Things have changed quite a bit in 2021, with scammers using highly advanced tech and complex tactics to capitalize on businesses that have migrated their phone services to the digital world. In fact, fraud activity has become so widespread that in 2020 alone roughly $48 billion was lost due to fraud suffered by customers of communications services.

Communications solutions provider iBASIS recently revealed that its FraudLock iQ360 solution has helped stop more than 191 million Wangiri fraud calls in H1 2021, largely due to the company’s portfolio expansion over the last year. This included a new call tracking system, voice firewall, as well as an ivalid number management system. In addition to these added features, iBASIS recently joined the RAG Wangiri Consortium, a non-profit blockchain-based program that allows industry professionals to securely share intelligence related to fraud activity.

“iBASIS has emerged as one of the leaders in anti-fraud innovation,“ says Rajesh Muru, Principal Analyst, Global Data. “In our analysis of the current wholesale antifraud landscape, iBASIS has excelled with FraudLock iQ360’s advanced algorithms, 360-degree view to fully protect customers’ inbound and outbound traffic, and industry-first guaranteed SLA protection option.”

Customers utilizing FraudLock iQ360 have commented on its effectiveness toward fighting scammer:

“iBASIS’ FraudLock iQ360 enables us to increase traffic to global destinations while protecting that traffic when it goes to risky destinations,” says Thierry Nedellec, Head of Project, IT Configuration RA & QOS Wholesale Carrier Services Bouygues Telecom. “iBASIS’ innovative capabilities provide multiple and flexible ways to block traffic with the FraudLock Outbound and Numbering Database Intelligence feature, supported by unparalleled expertise, high availability and response, and ability to customize features and introduce new services such as SMS antifraud.”

Edited by Maurice Nagle



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