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NTT Chooses Radisys for Its Business Continuity Cloud Communications Offering

May 06, 2021

By Tracey E. Schelmetic - Virtual PBX Contributor

Conferencing is one of the most vital business applications for companies today. With employees and partners spread out over the world, the country and even locally as they work from home, a multifunction conferencing solution is critical to keep business rolling. The COVID-19 pandemic has led service providers to rethink how they deliver voice and conferencing services to an increasingly remote work force and support changing usage patterns.

As a result, more companies are abandoning their PSTN (public switched telephone network) solutions due to age, inflexibility and a lack of features, to migrate to cloud-based solutions. According to Gartner, by 2025, 85 percent of enterprises will abandon their traditional data centers and shift to the cloud.

Conferencing solutions that operate in the cloud enable enhanced collaboration and increase employee efficiency and productivity, while adding features that are necessary for twenty-first century business operations. Cloud solutions empower employees to seamlessly interact with each other, enhancing collaboration, engagement, and innovation.

Recently, NTT, an international technology services company, announced that it has chosen Radisys’ Engage Media Server to enable the migration of its legacy PSTN conferencing solution to a cloud-based communications platform. Radisys’ Engage Media Server delivers reliability and performance for virtualized media processing as well as an innovative license migration solution that enables network-wide operations in the cloud.

NTT will consolidate all licenses from multiple vendors for its legacy system and work with Radisys as the sole supplier for its Business Continuity Cloud Communications offering, which delivers real-time voice and video communications. Radisys’ virtual Engage Media Server meets NTT requirements for license flexibility, performance and reliability.

“Business continuity is critical during these uncertain times as we deliver essential conferencing and collaboration tools that allow to people to work and learn remotely from home,” said chief technology officer for NTT Ltd.’s Cloud Communications, Jean Turgeon. “Radisys’ Engage solution has been a part of our legacy network, delivering the performance and reliability our customers demand. As we make the jump to the cloud, we are pleased to consolidate all of our licenses under Radisys’ Engage Media Server.”

The switch will offer NTT a diverse selection of real-time HD audio and video services, and its support for future functionalities will keep the door open for continued innovation that allows NTT to serve its customer base efficiently. 

Edited by Luke Bellos



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