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Voxox Partners with Youmail for Defense Against Robocalls

March 12, 2021

By Luke Bellos - Editor, Virtual PBX

5G and cloud service provider Voxox is teaming with Youmail, creators of the Robocall Mitigation Service, to bring advanced call protection to mobile customers.

Voxox will be integrating Youmail’s patented technology to prevent spam, phishing, and other malicious types of fraud activity. The mitigation service analyses call traffic by using a content-based sensor network, which helps stop calls from reaching customers before an attack starts. Carriers will be able to monitor illegal traffic and set up alerts in the event that suspicious calls are attempting to gain access.

"We believe security is of utmost importance.'' said Cleve Adams, CEO of VOXOX. “We are excited to team up with YouMail to provide trustworthy security and mitigation to all our users.”

The partnership comes at a critical time for both customers and enterprises, as virtual attacks like ransomware and phishing have been on the rise due to the pandemic. Remote working and dependence on cloud services have ushered in a new wave of attackers to capitalize on unsuspecting users. If left unattended, malicious callers can penetrate vulnerable networks and could potentially lead to data theft in exchange for funds.

"We're thrilled to have VOXOX using our robocall mitigation services," added Alex Quilici, CEO of YouMail.  "This will help ensure that far fewer illegal overseas-initiated calls harm American consumers."

Edited by Maurice Nagle


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