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YouMail, TelcoBridges Turn Up Fight Against Robocallers

February 16, 2021

By Maurice Nagle - Senior Editor

Recent research indicates a robust volume of robocalls, with telemarketers, payment reminders, alerts and scams amounting to nearly 4 billion calls in December 2020, putting the annual aggregate at 45.9 billion. Better than 2019, and actually the lowest since 2017, but still a long way from eradication.

TelcoBridges announced a new integration with YouMail enabling ProSBC customers to block illegal robocallers, opening the door for U.S. service providers meet the FCC’s upcoming robocaller mitigation mandate deadline.

“Service providers in the US have been given a mandate by the FCC to implement some form of robocall mitigation on their networks by June 2021,” said ITEXPO veteran Alan Percy, CMO at TelcoBridges. “A service provider can very quickly deploy ProSBC in their upstream calling path, and use our YouMail Integration to detect and mitigate illegal robocalling in its tracks.”

YouMail AI algorithms working with a sensor network empowers the ProSBC to detect and redirect suspicious traffic as well as document abuse. TelcoBridges isn’t stopping the integration here, in the coming months the expectation is to bring the YouMail capabilities to TMG Media Gateways offering the enterprise and operators the ability to remove the robocaller headache.

“This joint integration gives service providers a turn-key robocall mitigation solution they can deploy in their networks with 100% confidence,” said YouMail’s CTO, Mike Rudolph. “It enables them to quickly begin protecting their subscribers and comply with impending FCC mandates.”

Robocalls aren’t going away overnight, but steady progress underpinned by these types of integration is positive for both end users and service providers alike.

Edited by Maurice Nagle


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