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Quadient Impress Platform Now Includes Cloud-Based Document Delivery

January 08, 2021

Automation is a critical element when it comes to success for businesses today. For small to medium-sized companies especially - those that do not have the same capital to invest as their enterprise competitors - automation helps to reduce costs while simplifying labor-intensive tasks.

As businesses get back to growth and begin a more digital landscape than ever before, automating outbound communications has become essential.

Quadient, a company focused on providing meaningful customer experiences, announced a new document delivery solution has been added to its Impress Platform to allow businesses to send mail from anywhere and eliminate time wasted handling paper documents.

The new offering, Quadient Impress Distribute, is a cloud-based document delivery solution that lets send mail and outbound communications to recipients from their desktop. They simply upload their documents via a SaaS application accessed by Quadient’s mail production facility. They are then printed, sorted, stuffed, metered, and sent to the post office. This faster and more efficient method gives employees more time to focus on core business functions improves morale and optimizes workflow.

“Impress Distribute is the next evolution of the Impress cloud platform, designed to support our strategic plan to offer a full suite of business process automation solutions that accelerate SMBs in their transition to more digitized and automated processes,” said Geoffrey Godet, CEO, Quadient.

“With the current challenging health and business environment, Quadient leveraged its knowledge in managing transactional documents and mail for 500,000 global organizations to create Impress Distribute, for the automation and distribution of mail from virtually anywhere, without ever touching a piece of paper.”

Available now to users in the US, UK, and the Netherlands, Quadient Impress Distribute can also be fully integrated with the other modules. In addition to optimizing communication delivery, businesses will also receive detailed audit trails that track the entire document preparation process and maintain security and compliance.

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