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Jabra and Sarasota Schools Collaborate for Distance Learning Upgrade

December 21, 2020

By Luke Bellos - Editor, Virtual PBX

There’s no question that 2020 has been a difficult year for everyone. Our entire way of life has been dramatically changed over the last 10 months, and new COVID-19 restrictions may delay our return to normalcy for a while longer. However, one aspect of this pandemic that we can be grateful for is the fact that we have the technology to keep the workforce moving in spite of all the challenges we have faced. Remote working has been around for a while now, but the scope has been shifted to an entirely new level. Companies are now developing more innovative techniques to make at-home access more immersive, which could be a huge benefit for overall productivity.

The pandemic has been particularly rough for teachers. While many students have access to remote resources, such as laptops or tablets specifically designed for schoolwork, a significant part of the learning experience is lost outside of the classroom. Students don’t have the same connection to their teachers, and the chances of becoming distracted become greater while being at home. We’re lucky to have reached a point in society where internet connectivity has become so ingrained in our culture that we can seamlessly integrate it into almost any type of work, but there will always be limitations. One company that recognizes these limitations is Jabra, which recently announced a partnership with Sarasota Schools in Florida to enhance the remote learning experience for students stuck at home. Jabra focuses its attention on high quality audio and video equipment for business solutions, and believes its technology can create an atmosphere for students that is similar to being in the classroom. 

The use of Jabra’s Panacast 4K plug-and-play video system allows students to have a crystal clear, 180-degree view of the classroom, so teachers can feel confident their lessons aren’t negatively impacted by a lack of visual quality. Jabra has also equipped rooms with the crisp audio of its Speak 510 Bluetooth speakers, which allows noise-free audio to help students stay focused and hear everything going on during classes.

Aurangzeb Khan, senior vice president at Jabra stated, “At Jabra, we are dedicated to providing the technology solutions that school systems need to allow them to deliver the best possible experience for the evolving needs of students and teachers. The Jabra PanaCast and Jabra Speak are the connection between what is happening in the school classroom and the at-home classroom.”

What makes Jabra’s equipment so much more useful for students and teachers is the fact that it’s simple to set up and intuitive for users.

“We don’t want to create an environment where teachers spend valuable instructional time troubleshooting technology,” added Todd Alexander, manager of school support services and IT at Sarasota County Schools. “Jabra solutions are easy to navigate and are incredibly user friendly. The nice thing about technology is when it just works. This has been the case with Jabra solutions, they just work.

The recent pandemic has provided a number of challenges in the workforce. But with companies like Jabra, cutting edge technology can face these challenges with relative ease. If teachers and students have to work from home, high quality enhancements could make the learning experience as good, or maybe better, than being in the classroom.

Edited by Erik Linask


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