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Telinta Teams with Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise to Automate Provisioning of SIP Phones

November 16, 2020

Cloud-based VoIP switching and billing solutions provider Telinta has announced a partnership with Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise to automate the provisioning of its open SIP phones using the company’s Softswitch platform.

As part of the announcement, Telinta officials said the company created a solution called Auto-Provisioning Profiles that works for Alcatel-Lucent SIP Phone models H2P, M3, M5, and M7.

Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise manufactures enterprise communication devices and recently designed these SIP devices with modern use and design in mind. They include HD wideband audio, alphabetic keyboards, and Bluetooth handsets.

The partnership also helps ITSP customers better compete in the fast-growing Hosted PBX market. They can quickly provision any number of open SIP phones, activate or deactivate features, and update the firmware.

Additional benefits of the new solution include the ability to use the same cloud-based platform which performs other business processes like routing their traffic, managing billing, and payments.

Telinta’s web-based interface makes it easy to create an inventory of Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise open SIP phones and download complete configuration profiles once connected to an IP network.

“Telinta’s solution for automated provisioning significantly streamlines deployment by eliminating costly trips to the customer’s premises,” said Alex Ferdman, CEO of Telinta. “We welcome Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise to the long list of popular IP phone models which ITSPs can easily deploy with Telinta.”

With Auto Provisioning platforms, which are standard with the TeliCore Softswitch platform, it’s possible to offer Hosted PBX, SIP Trunking, Mobile, Business, and Residential VoIP as well as capitalize on increasing Work from Home services.

“Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise best-in-class open SIP phones coupled with Telinta’s carrier-grade platform dramatically save time and cost of configuration, while increasing customer satisfaction,” said Jeff Tang, GM of Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise SIP Devices.

Last year, Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise announced a partnership with Epygi Technologies aimed at providing seamless communication solutions. After completing interoperability testing between the phones and Epygi’s Cloud communication server, the companies became well aligned to provide high-quality and user-friendly products for business communications.

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