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ClearlyIP Unveils FreePBX Emergency Communications Add-on CodeX

October 28, 2020

By Maurice Nagle - Web Editor

Communications are critical for any business. Whether we’re talking internal collaboration among teams, pitching a prospective client or reporting sales figures, these exchanges are central to workflows and, more importantly, results. When emergency strikes, communication can mean the difference between life and death, literally.

Today, ClearlyIP announced the arrival of CodeX, an add-on for ClearlyIP’s Business Connect Platform and FreePBX that enables schools and businesses to automate emergency announcements and notifications, as well as monitor room status.

Once room safety status is reporting, administrators can share that information with first responders to better address the emergency scenario. The San Leandro Unified School District selected CodeX for emergency alerts and notifications, to monitor the safety of its 700 classrooms.

 “We were exploring safety solutions for our California school district that were quite a bit more and a challenge to implement. ClearlyIP was able to sit down with us and let us define our needs. They came up with a solution ‘CodeX’ that met all our requirements, and they were able to keep it within our initial budget and simple to deploy.” says Larry Simon, Chief Technology Officer of San Leandro Unified School District.

Application of CodeX is not limited to the classroom, as it can assist communications if say a global pandemic were to take place, wildfires, earthquakes tornadoes, or notify appropriate parties of unauthorized people accessing a location.

Within the CodeX add-on, an organization gains access to auto logs, verified location reports, incoming responses, individual room reporting, room status clarification and emergency management announcements.  

ClearlyIP is constantly trying to push the advancement of telecommunications. Our team of engineers loves to take on challenges and exceed what they are asked to do. Working with the San Leandro Unified District in California was an opportunity to let our team get creative. They ended up creating a product that can help facilitate safety and response alerts and reporting. Innovation like this is the reason I joined ClearlyIP, and it’s CLEAR that was an excellent choice,” comments Bre Fernie, Chief Marketing Officer with ClearlyIP.

How does your organization deliver emergency announcements?

Edited by Maurice Nagle


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