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Angie Hospitality Introduces Voice-Activated and Contactless Technology Solutions for Hotels

September 29, 2020

By Tracey E. Schelmetic - Virtual PBX Contributor

As hotels look for more ways to increase their profit margins – particularly in a tight economy in which occupancy is radically decreased due to the COVID-19 epic – many are finding that they can earn more income by offering guests expanded telecom services while keeping their own costs lower. Cloud technology has enabled them to offer a wide variety of services at reduced cost.

Angie Hospitality, a provider of voice-activated and contactless technology solutions for hotels, recently announced Angie PBX, a cloud-based phone service delivered through Angie digital guest room assistants that offers calling capabilities throughout the hotel and meets emergency calling requirements. The platform is being offered as a cost-effective solution that will allow hoteliers to remove outdated equipment, modernize the guest experience, offer touchless functionality and save money each month.

The platform also allows for compliance with Kari's Law in the U.S. and Telecom Decision CRTC 2007-44 in Canada. Kari's Law requires direct 911 dialing and notification capabilities in multi-line telephone systems (MLTS) such as those found in hotels. In addition, the law dictates that MLTS installers, managers, and operators must ensure that the systems support 911 direct dialing. The law is named after Kari Hunt a Texas woman who was murdered in her hotel room by her estranged husband. Her nine-year-old daughter witnessed the attack, and made several attempts to call 911 on the hotel phone system, but was unaware the hotel required dialing the prefix “9” to connect the call. Kari’s Law was passed to help rectify this issue.

When paired with an Angie digital assistant device, Angie PBX enables a touchless experience through voice-enabled commands. This eliminates the need for guests to touch the device to call the front desk or call for emergency services. It alerts the front desk and provides authorities with the necessary location details to ensure guest safety. Calls can also be made from the touch screen and standard phones are offered as an option.

"As the hospitality industry navigates pandemic health concerns and lower occupancy, it's critical for hotels to invest in new processes and technology to protect their people, optimize operations with stretched staff, and meet evolving safety expectations, all while managing the bottom line," said David Millili, CEO of Angie Hospitality, in a statement. "We have doubled down on our development over the past six months to deliver safer, touchless technologies that provide the modern conveniences expected by guests while giving cost-effective options for hoteliers.”

Edited by Maurice Nagle


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