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Voxox Powers Virtual PBX for Small Businesses in Nigeria

August 28, 2020

UC cloud solutions provider Voxox recently partnered with Nigerian ISP Passage Telecom to provide a white-label cloud phone offering, the first of its kind in the region, to provide localized phone numbers and services to businesses in the area.

Passage Telecom, which offers customers in Nigeria premium internet services, is now white labeling the Voxox Cloud Phone offering as  “Business Call Solutions.” Company officials said the offering would make it easy for small businesses to obtain business phone numbers with unlimited extensions, advanced call routing, and virtual receptionists.

A sleek mobile user interface or web-based interface is used to make and receive calls and manage activity as well as access features like call recording, device transfer, and voicemail transcription without the need for additional equipment or skills.

The service is being hosted by Voxox’s U.S. and European data centers with local billing through a merchant gateway integration. It will also leverage the company’s patent-pending breakthrough VoIP codec for crystal clear voice quality in low bandwidth conditions common in less developed areas of Nigeria.

"Nigeria has 41.5 million SMEs and we are excited to partner with Passage Telecom to offer these businesses a simple, convenient and economical way to modernize their business phone communications," said Bryan Hertz, CEO, and co-founder of Voxox.

The new offering comes at an especially critical time for businesses maintaining operations during a global pandemic. With remote workforces taking over, the ability to work from anywhere with ease is vital.

The company also said it has plans to introduce TextMeIn from Voxox, for businesses. This text message marketing solution enables small businesses to prepare and launch bulk SMS campaigns to stay in touch with customers - even when working remotely.

"Cloud Phone and it's integral TextMeIn Text Message Marketing platform enable the micro businesses to work from anywhere, which is a critical capability during the Covid-19 pandemic and the following new normal. We look forward to working with Passage Telecom to maximize further the impact of Cloud Phone in the Nigerian market," said Hertz.

Edited by Maurice Nagle


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