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Zadarma Project Answers the Call for VoIP Numbers in Ireland

May 29, 2020

With a global pandemic and businesses running their entire operations online, it’s become a key focus to go digital. Those businesses that had not yet made the move from landline to VoIP phone systems are now realizing the urgency of digital transformations and looking for ways they can access the benefits of virtual calling while cutting costs.

The Zadarma Project is answering to an increase in  VoIP usage in Ireland and has announced a new initiative that will bring free VoIP phone numbers to businesses in the region.

Company officials with the European VoIP service provider said it’s always believed in helping to reduce telecom spending for customers and wanted to offer a solution that would ax monthly virtual phone number charges for its customers so they are charged only for actual calls.

With the Zadarma Projects free cloud PBX,  customers get free call minutes and no connection charges when using their virtual phone numbers. Now the fees for those virtual phone numbers in Ireland are removed as well. 

Customers in Ireland can connect a phone number to their PC, SIP gate, office PBX, mobile phone, or any other device that supports SIP.  Advanced features such as IVR, call forwarding are also available as part of the free cloud PBX.

Zadarma chose to introduce this offering first in Ireland - which has had seen significant uptake in VoIP services in the last few years - but said it has plans for expansion into other territories in the future.

Earlier this year the company also announced a free video-conferencing tool which makes it easy to quickly create a room with up to 50 participants. Using HD quality and encryption, its possible for users to meet virtually via video using just a browser link and with no additional installations needed.

Edited by Maurice Nagle


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