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Tencent Intros Enterprise HD Cloud Conferencing in Malaysia

May 01, 2020

Video conferencing and chat have become a key communication capability that has arisen during the Coronavirus pandemic. Across the globe, as entire communities go into lockdown to fight the virus, many are using these conferencing tools to stay in touch and be productive. For remote workforces especially, cloud communications tools are very important to success with work from home initiatives.

In light of this increasing need for multi-country conferencing capabilities, Tencent Cloud has announced its conferencing solution VooV Meeting for the market in Malaysia.

The cloud computing arm of Tencent is delivering this solution as a way for enterprises to seamlessly connect their employees and partners from across the world.

VooV Meeting is a cloud conferencing too. Boasting extensive network capabilities and stability. Included is secure multi-person cloud conferencing, High-definition video, and can connect up to 300 participants at the same time.

The offering also integrates with WeChat's ecosystem so users can share their meeting links and join meetings via WeChat's mini-program without having to download other applications.

Additional features include a beautification tool for faces, decreased ambient noise, and the ability to blur the background as well as share screens and even watermark video.

Businesses already making use of the offering have said it is helping them to maintain seamless communication during the Coronavirus pandemic. This includes Asiasoft Malaysia, China Construction Bank Malaysia, and Green Packet Berhad.

Joel Wong, VP of Customer Experience and Enterprise Agility from Green Packet commented on the ways it’s been able to maintain productivity with VooV Meeting.

"Since our government has issued the Movement Control Order as a COVID-19 pandemic countermeasure, the entire company has begun to work from home. To maintain business continuity and productivity, we have selected Tencent's VooV Meeting app as our primary communications platform that enables us to maintain close communications and collaboration across our global offices and business partners. We find Tencent's VooV Meeting app to be an extremely effective platform for communications and collaboration because of its ease of use, its extraordinary audio and video performance, and most importantly, its fundamental platform stability and security."

"We are glad to gain the trust of these Malaysia partners in using our services for their business communications. Built on Tencent Cloud's cutting-edge technology and Tencent's experience in the internet, audio, and video communications fields in the past 21 years, VooV Meeting can provide exceptional stable coverage globally, outperforming other industry players," said Poshu Yeung, Vice President of Tencent International Business Group.

Tencent recently announced it has partnered with the United Nations and will take part in its 75th-anniversary campaign. As part of the partnership, it will be providing the VooV Meeting solution to facilitate the largest global dialogue to be held to date.

Edited by Maurice Nagle


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