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Facebook Workplace Grows Steadily, Continues Advancing Features

October 17, 2019

Facebook quickly transformed over the last two decades to become central to business. No longer just a social page for those attending universities, businesses across the globe are sharing, connecting and advertising on this platform.

Back in 2016, the company made a move to connect deeper with businesses by creating its own online team collaboration tool that looked and worked just like the Facebook everyone was already using throughout the day, except it included features needed for the workday.

While its ability to compete fiercely with tools like Slack on the market is hotly contested, it has held its ground and continues to grow steadily. At most recent count, the company said it now has 3 million paid users and it’s continued to invest in adding new features.

With Facebook Workplace, teams can have video conference sessions, update the organization with announcements, instantly translate messages and create collaboration spaces and so much more!

In recent months, the company said it’s seen a giant surge in businesses of all sizes and types moving to Facebook Workplace. In February 2019 there were 2 million paid users. This month that number is 3 million. Companies including BT, Sky, Petco and Prada are using the platform as a way to grow their teams and strengthen their culture.

The company also recently announced the addition of new features to Facebook Workplace to make it easier to manage teams, track analytics and even collaborate. A peer-to-peer broadcasting video solution and the ability to make calls through Portal, the AI-powered smart camera, have all been added.

The workplace of the future is one that’s more connected and collaborative than ever before. With new tools to connect employees located across the globe more easily backed by a powerful platform from Facebook,  the transition to human-machine interactions on the job will be more natural than ever before.

Edited by Maurice Nagle


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