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SignalWire Nets $11.5M in Series A

August 07, 2019

By Maurice Nagle - Web Editor

APIs are the not-so-secret sauces behind much of the innovation taking place today, serving to integrate and add functionality. As cloud communications take flight the competition is fierce, as every platform is “feature-rich and future-forward”, but as they say, the proof is in the pudding.

Storm Ventures took the lead in the latest funding round for SignalWire as the cloud communications platform corralled $11.5 million. With confidence from Silicon Valley veterans like Dean Drako, Erik Yang, Jerry Yang and Ron Neuenberger as well as Samsung NEXT and Sequoia Capital, the future looks bright.

"For more than a decade, there has been a need for a strong cloud-based developer platform which could significantly impact the telephony communications market," said Dean Drako, known disrupter, angel investor, founder of Eagle Eye Networks and founder and former CEO of Barracuda Networks. "SignalWire has the right architecture to deliver."

The SignalWire team brings a little swag to the table. The usage-based pricing model avoids superfluous spending. For example, carrier services like per-SMS or per-minute charges avoid markups with the SignalWire platform. Simply put, API providers must take heed. A new day is about to dawn.

COO Sean Heiney exclaimed, "We are the original; many of these co-called platforms are utilizing a technology stack that we developed to connect to basic carrier services, then they price-gouge for these services. There is no real value-add there," Heiney explained. "We are philosophically opposed to this model. We have spent the past 15 years on a mission to remove such barriers to innovation and we'll add real value with auto-scaling elastic cloud infrastructure and advanced APIs that allow for true real-time voice, video, and messaging application control."

Cloud communications is riding the momentum of innovation to a brave new world of collaboration and communications – at a pocket friendly price too! Let’s see what kind of impact SignalWire can make in this highly competitive and quite crowded space.

Are your communications in the cloud, yet?

Edited by Maurice Nagle


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