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Dash Delivers Call Recording and Conferencing

September 06, 2018

By Maurice Nagle - Web Editor

Modern communications requirements are quite comprehensive.  From compliance in the contact center in the contact center, to feature sets empowering a team of creatives to collaborate on a new project, the demands continue to mount.

VirtualPBX announced that current and future Dash users gain access to conferencing and call recording features free of charge. VirtualPBX is focused on furthering its Dash platform, including improved plans and features.

Once logged in, Dash users can customize call recording and conferencing features via online portal. Admins can hold onto the reigns or put control in the hands of team members, specifically when it comes to setting up conference calls and room numbers. Those participating in the conference are given a pin number that allows them to join.

In terms of call recording, companies can modify settings as they see fit. From inbound and outbound calls, to only recording calls in certain departments, there’s flexibility.  Once deployed and configured companies can leverage these recordings for quality assurance, training, ensure compliance and more.  

Lon Baker, COO of VirtualPBX noted “We’re in the business of making communications simple, professional, and technologically advanced for all of our customers – no matter how large or small they may be. By providing Conferencing and Call Recording at no added expense, this promise becomes even more robust. Additionally, many new customers come to us with multiple bills and service providers – this solution streamlines their communications strategy so that they need only pay for and manage one service.”

Collaboration and communication is critical to every business. Putting the proper PBX in place lays the groundwork for future prosperity.

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Edited by Maurice Nagle


Key Benefits

  Unlimited Calling & Faxing
  Number Portability
  Auto Attendant
  Instant Conference Calls
  HD Voice Quality