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Atlantech Online Adds Atmos to PBX Portfolio

July 31, 2018

By Maurice Nagle - Web Editor

Hosted or on-premises, business telephony is transforming. The cloud is a disruptive force, enabling voice and video communications from the contact center and customer service, to the c-suite and beyond. And with requirements changing in this customer-centric, heavily regulated time it is crucial to have a PBX in place poised for the challenge.

Today, CallCabinet and Atlantech Online announced a partnership, which extends Atlantech Online’s call recording capabilities with the addition of Atmos. The cloud-based call recording solution will be made available as Atlantech Online Atmos.

“The partnership with Atlantech Online is a decisive one because, more than sharing the ability to deliver advanced call recording technologies, Atlantech Online and CallCabinet share core values.” states Ryan Kahan, CEO at CallCabinet.

The release brings together call recording, compliance and quality management from Atmos with Atlantech Online’s Broadsoft platform delivering a solution that more than meets the needs of government and business contact centers.

A key component of Atmos is the compliance piece, as it adheres to PCI DSS, HIPAA, MiFID II, GDPR and more with local compliance regulations addressed by the platform, as it is far more than a call recording platform.

“Both of us deliver the type of service solutions one would expect from such an established company at a fraction of the cost. Our unique pricing model, paired with Atmos’ ease of use and seamless integration with Atlantech Online voice services, reinforce our belief that customers will be able to immediately scale out an effective recording solution that assists them in all aspects of call management, agent evaluation, agent training, quality assurance and compliance.”

Compliance is a critical piece of operations moving forward. Covering all customer relations, it is critical that when deliberating on a communications partner organizations choose wisely. Every interaction is an opportunity for long-lasting loyalty, or viral defamation: the choice is yours.

Edited by Maurice Nagle


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