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GPBX Boasts White-Label PBX Plans

March 26, 2018

By Maurice Nagle - Web Editor

The adoption of cloud continues to grow, and with its mounting popularity, service providers are making a push to include cloud communications in the portfolio. The feature-rich, pocket-friendly and flexible nature of cloud communications solutions will serve to drive this market forward.

Hosted PBX provider, GPBX, unveiled the opportunity for resellers to white-label its existing product portfolio. The newly found access, allows resellers to round out cloud services portfolio, stand out from the pack and position to pounce on a ripe market.

“GPBX has a story of growth that includes a great reputation for both reliability and customer satisfaction – were among the top hosted PBX solution providers thanking to making every investment (datacenter, computer server, or staff member) have precisely targeted goals on our commitment to always focus on the needs of our customers," said one of the spokesperson at GPBX.

In offering the white-label products, GPBX is rebranding its suite as well with new plans: most notably, White Label Cloud. From design, style and security, to cloud management and compliance, GPBX is embracing cloud services with open arms.

The GPBX spokesman continued, “With our new plan, White Label Cloud we are giving our clients and partners an opportunity to easily participate in the growth of the cloud hosting industry where while generating substantial commissions through leveraging the successful customer-focused investments and infrastructure that we deliver to our clients all over the globe. Resellers can now sell cloud services at, under their own brand, reasonable rates and start with margins that are well above.”

Cloud will set the pace for communications for the foreseeable future, laying out a developer sandbox chock full of tools, and delivering a new day in collaboration. Successful service providers are those willing to ride this wave of communications transformation.

Are your communications in the cloud? 

Edited by Mandi Nowitz


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