Virtual PBX Featured Article Comes to Market

February 27, 2018

By Maurice Nagle - Web Editor

This week, Barcelona is playing host to one of technology’s largest annual events, Mobile World Congress (MWC). This gathering of industry thought leaders and innovators offers those in the space what to expect well into the future. And, it’s no surprise to see cloud communications taking top billing.

Today, Karix Mobile announced the arrival of, its CPaaS (Communications Platform as a Service) solution. The newly unveiled offering will begin market presence with offering programmable SMS APIs to deliver developers a new tool for the sandbox.

Commenting on the launch, CEO of Karix, Jay Sheth said, “With the rapid proliferation of mobile application and web-based services, customers are no longer restricted to nearby geographies but expand across cities and countries. To service and communicate with a global customer base, businesses have a growing need for reliable and scalable communications partners.” is equipped to offer outbound and inbound SMS APIs with the launch, and in the coming months roll out voice and video services, as well. In leveraging APIs, developers will be able to craft customizable solutions to meet the communication needs of the modern SMB or enterprise.

Deepak Goyal, COO at Karix said, “With, we will cater to a global clientele. We have made significant investments in the latest cloud technologies to make this platform enterprise-grade, secure, scalable and ensuring 99.995% availability. We have arrangements with over 800+ operators across the globe to ensure that there is enough redundancy built into the network.”

Mobile World Congress is just getting underway, and this Mumbai-based company is but one of the many cloud communications companies set to make a stir this week from Barcelona.

Are your business communications in the cloud?

Edited by Mandi Nowitz


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