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VirtualPBX Adds Webhooks Integration

November 22, 2017

By Maurice Nagle - Web Editor

VoIP providers today are tasked with offering a compelling product to market more so than any time in history, as questions like “what features does the virtual PBX provide?” or “What can I integrate with your Virtual PBX offering?” are key determinants in deciding on a VoIP solution.

Recently, VirtualPBX announced the ability to integrate Dash Phone Plans with Webhooks within internal systems to ensure easy sharing of real-time data and leverage for future use. Now, users can leverage Zapier, select Dash Webhooks as a “trigger,” create an action and off to the races you go.  

“Working with API’s as part of our Custom Voice Solutions Services, we’ve found that further integrations with our Dash platform are invaluable for some of our customers,” said Lon Baker, VirtualPBX’s COO, “This led us to move quickly to make even more integrations available to all of our customers, regardless of whether they are using a bespoke telephone system or the primary Dash platform.”

For current Dash users, the first Webhook is free, and additional Webhooks are $9.99 a month, offering a pocket-friendly means to take advantage of a future-forward telecommunications network.

“Everything we do to make web-based telecommunications more accessible to companies for a fraction of what they’d pay to for a legacy phone system evens the playing field between small and larger companies,” added Baker, “Making Webhooks available for so many companies further democratizes the tools that previously were only available to more well-funded companies. That’s a positive disruption we’re proud to be behind.”

While businesses deserve fair playing field, this isn’t always the case as many industry-leading offerings are cost prohibitive. By VirtualPBX helping to make this possible it offers opportunity where previously there was none.

What virtual PBX is your business using?

Edited by Maurice Nagle


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