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Remac Enterprises Adds SMS/MMS to VoIP Offering

July 07, 2017

By Alicia Young - Web Editor

It’s no secret that VoIP solutions come with countless benefits. They’re a great option for various companies, from large corporation all the way down to a mom and pop shop down the street. VoIP offers unparalleled cost benefits, allows for employee flexibility, empowers the remote workforce and so much more.

Remac Enterprises, Ltd. is a VoIP systems company that has been riding this wave of success for some time now. The company offers VoIP, SIP and wholesale VoIP systems to both business and residential customers. Remac Enterprises is known for always integrating, evolving and providing customers with better product features and services.

Now, the company hopes to become even more successful in its VoIP endeavors by adding SMS/MMS features to all its numbers. The addition of SMS and MMS allows customers to send and receive text messages and MMS on their numbers. They can also make use of softphones such as Bria or Linphone as if they were regular cell phone numbers.

These features hold a lot of potential for everyone using VoIP. For residential purposes, the pros are obvious; users can now act as if their VoIP phones are the same as any other phone and text others easily. Businesses, meanwhile, can take advantage of these features to better reach out to their customer base and improve their business activities. As the announcement points out, “VoIP phone systems offer benefits for small business and other users. With the addition of the latest features, it just gets better. SMS/MMS integration will make it much cheaper to reach clients by SMS which has better marketing impact because the information stays. The feature can also be used for targeted marketing, offering customer service delivery, providing information to clients, and much more.”After all, SMS is one of the most effective ways to reach customers because most people prefer that method to other outreach options.

 “Remac Enterprise is a fast growing VoIP provider in the Chicago area. We are always evolving and providing our customers with additional features that will not only increase their business efficiency but also help them make more profit as well. The SMS/MMS feature is something we have been planning for long, and we are excited that our clients can now take advantage of it,” said a representative of Remac Enterprise.

From the looks of it, Remac has its customers’ best interests at heart. Hopefully we’ll see new innovative features coming out of this company soon.

Edited by Maurice Nagle



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