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Evolve IP Expands PBX Offering

June 27, 2017

By Andrew Bindelglass - Contributing Writer

Evolve IP announced the release its latest contact center solution this week, a multichannel interaction management platform that allows contact centers to manage interactions of many different forms of media from a single, centralized interface. The platform allows contact center agents to seamlessly record and analyze customer interactions across a variety of types of communications, from voice and video chat to SMS messaging or text-based web chat. It can also easily transfer the data from those interactions to other CRM services that are offered as a part of the Evolve IP suite of products.

The goal of this new release from Evolve IP is to continue to provide a comprehensive solution for managing interactions with customers. In today’s business world, customers use a variety of different media to communicate with brand representatives, and often bounce around from one to another depending on what is convenient for them at the time. For example, a customer may want to use a web based chat when they are doing other work at their computer, but then talk over the phone if they are moving around. The Evolve IP suite lets contact center agents not only mange but also record all of these interactions seamlessly.

"The Evolve Contact Suite's advanced features provide contact center lead­ers with powerful real-time control and visibility of their agents along with rich operational insights," said Evolve IP's VP of Contact Center Solution, Rich Fox. "From quality management to customer surveys to CRM integration to business intelligence, the solution offers tools that streamline agent interactions and enhance customer experience."

At the end of the day, any successful customer relationship manager needs to be able to take information from all forms of customer interaction and then use it to facilitate better and more helpful customer interactions. With customers now using so many different forms of media to communicate, it is important that all of those various interactions can be managed from a single central location. This is exactly what the Evolve Contact Suite from Evolve IP is looking to accomplish. Businesses should be considering a more centrally managed customer interaction solution like this example.

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