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VirtualPBX Adds Plan Options

May 01, 2017

By Andrew Bindelglass - Contributing Writer

Yesterday, VirtualPBX announced that it will be making changes to its service options by offering a wider variety of pricing and service options. Businesses that leverage the VoIP service of VirtualPBX can now choose between Basic, Pro, and Unlimited Dash Plans. Each of these packages offers a different level of functionality, with escalating costs, allowing businesses to pick the offering that best fits both their business needs and price range.

VirtualPBX decided to offer this tiered plan system after receiving feedback from businesses that were either unwilling or unable to pay for the entire suite of VirtualPBX services. The company realized that it was missing out on a fairly sizable share of the market. Thus, it made the decision to begin offering various iterations of its service at price ranges that can appeal to businesses of all sizes.

“We’re constantly researching the needs of our customers to perfect the features and functions of our VoIP products and network services,” said Lon Baker, VirtualPBX’s COO. “Much of the user feedback we generated while developing various features also proved to be illuminating on how we present our Dash Plans, as well.”

Services like VirtualPBX are becoming ever more popular with businesses because they allow for sophisticated phone networks to be set up and scaled without the need for a lot of new hardware. They make it easier than ever for businesses to communicate both internally and with customers. Despite all of these benefits, the unfortunate truth is that many businesses, especially smaller or newer ones, simply do not have the free capital to implement a new phone system, even with all the cost reducing features described above.

VirtualPBX realized that this is the case, and that there was a fairly large section of the business VoIP market that it was missing out on by being prohibitively priced. It was thus a savvy business decision to alter its own model and create a tiered product offering with more affordable services. This change makes it likely that more businesses will be able to adopt VoIP systems through VirtualPBX.


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