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Vodia PBX Expands Offerings

April 12, 2017

By Andrew Bindelglass - Contributing Writer

Vodia has long been enjoyed by businesses as a provider of VoIP services, and now it is continuing to expand its reach and offerings. The company announced yesterday that it has expanded the list of devices it is compatible with to include VTech Eris Terminal phones.

The fact that Vodia is continually updating its platform to make it compatible with more and more devices makes it an incredibly appealing option for businesses looking to integrate a VoIP service into their offices. If Vodia can make its service compatible with more and more products, it will become much more popular, as businesses realize that they can integrate a VoIP system without having to purchase all new hardware.

This is just the latest phase in a long run of improvements made by Vodia to give its service greater flexibility for its customers. The system already can be hosted either on on-site servers or in the cloud, and can be run on Mac, Windows, and Linux operating systems. The service is also available on traditional landline phones as well as mobile smartphones. Vodia even offers new customers a 60 day free trial so that they can work out all the kinks of installing the new system and get a feel for it before they have to start paying for it.

VoIP systems are becoming a more and more enticing possibility for businesses. They allow for huge internal and dial out phone networks to be created that can be changed or expanded at any time, without the need for any new hardware to be purchased. This is part of a larger trend that has been observed in the world of technology, as businesses look for ways to improve their offerings and operations without having to break the bank on a lot of new equipment. Providers that base their solutions around software rather than hardware are thus growing increasingly popular, as they allow businesses to do just that. More and more businesses will thus likely base their future plans around that model.

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