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Telinta and Mutare Create Voicemail Transcription Service

March 15, 2017

By Andrew Bindelglass - Contributing Writer

Telinta, a provider of cloud-based softswitch solutions for service providers, and Mutare, a company specializing in voicemail transcription, have partnered to create a prepaid voicemail transcription service for VoIP service providers. VoIP Businesses that subscribe to this service would be able offer the ability receive text transcriptions of their voicemails and store them in a cloud based server.

Being able to transcribe voicemails has several important uses. First and foremost, having voicemails in a text based form allows them to be more easily sent through email or SMS messaging. Text files take up much less memory space than audio files, allowing them to be sent and stored in much greater numbers.

Speech transcription is also the key step to using data analytics on these conversations. Once voicemails are converted to text files, they can be fed through powerful data analytics machines that can be used to find patterns and help companies understand common issues and sticking points that their customers are reporting.

“Using Mutare’s innovative voicemail transcription solution, Telinta customers will be able to increase end user convenience, collaboration and productivity,” said Ben Crown, CEO of Mutare.  “When end users can return calls quickly and easily, service providers earn greater revenues from increased minutes of use.”

Telinta and Mutare’s voicemail transcription program can be accessed by VoIP service providers on a prepaid basis. Users will pay an initial signup fee to gain access to the service, and then can purchase credits which can then be used for voicemail transcriptions. This will be a popular approach for VoIP service providers, as it allows them to pay only for the service they need and no more.

This offering from Telinta and Mutare is one of many services that offer some sort of voice to text transcription, either of real time conversations or of voicemails. Their version is unique largely because of the pre-purchased credit approach that they use. In all of these examples, however, the importance of voice transcription services can be clearly seen. Voice transcription is needed for information storage and data analytics to have any effectiveness, and thus is incredibly important.

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