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Zultys, CenturyLink Form Virtual PBX Partnership

February 27, 2017

By Steve Anderson - Contributing Writer

Interoperability testing is a great way to advance product lines, and it's no different in the virtual private branch exchange (PBX) market. Virtual PBX can get a major boost out of interoperability testing, and a recent such round of tests accomplished by Zultys and CenturyLink should give both sides of the testing a little extra help in the field.

Thanks to the testing, it was recently found that Zultys' MX line of IP-PBX and virtual PBX products would work with the CenturyLink lineup of session initiation protocol (SIP) trunking solutions. That knowledge was won at the cost of rigorous testing between the two product lines, and with successful completion of the product lines, Zultys is now part of the CenturyLink lineup of partners.

Now that the interoperability tests are done, reports suggest that the pair will engage in some group projects, getting more services available through Zultys' own line of authorized value-added resellers (VARs) and various sales agents.

Zultys' chief sales and marketing officer Steve Francis commented “We are pleased to have this association with CenturyLink as many of our customers and channel partners have requested an ability to use CenturyLink services with our products. Our certification of CenturyLink's SIP trunking service ensures that our customers can use this service with our full support.”

Successful interoperability testing, whether in virtual PBX operations or most anywhere else, generally ends well for all concerned. With successful tests on hand, businesses have a little more reason to buy certain products over others, as those products will work well—and have been proven thus—with other products that are either already in place or will be in place in the near future. That's good news all around, and it only gets better from there. Now, both sides of the equation can put the various VARs and other agents involved to work with new product and / or service offerings, which means those VARs can go back to the well of already-interested customers and, with only the softest of sales pitches, likely pull in fresh business thanks to the expanded product line.

Interoperability testing commonly leads to good news, and the virtual PBX market is no different. The recent work between Zultys and CenturyLink should prove to help both sides out here as other companies have been affected by interoperability testing in previous efforts. It's seldom a bad move to add value, a point that should have one more bit of proof coming up.

Edited by Maurice Nagle



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