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Callision Releases New Cloud Business Phone System and CCaaS

February 21, 2017

By Alicia Young - Web Editor

A common problem facing many small businesses today is the expense involved with implementing a good, reliable business phone system. Oftentimes, companies find themselves investing in several expensive solutions so that they can appear to be on the same operating level as other, larger enterprises. A big part of running a success business is appearances, and unfortunately, until now, these expensive phone solutions were needed to keep smaller businesses from appearing less credible when compared to bigger competitors. However, that is going to change now thanks to Callision Inc.’s two new product offerings.

Callision is a privately-owned New York-based cloud communications solution provider with a portfolio that includes enterprise-grade software products relating to telephony, productivity and mobility, workforce management, and intelligence. Now, the company has released two new product offerings, one of which should solve the problem of small businesses being forced to purchase overpriced phone solutions.

The first product offering is a free phone system designed specifically for small businesses. It is called Callision Core, and provides enterprise-grade unified communications and contact center technology. The offering is completely free for up to five users, making it a steal compared to what companies had been paying before.

Joseph O'Donnell, the Head of Global Opportunities at Callision, discussed why the company felt it was important to offer this kind of solution by saying, “From now on, smaller businesses no longer have to sign up for an array of expensive solutions just to operate their telephony on a professional level. Whether they need an interactive voice menu to greet their callers, a queue to distribute calls among team members, a conference bridge for meetings, or even comprehensive schedule-based forwarding to enhance coverage - with Callision, they get all of that for free -  just pick or add a SIP carrier and start calling…As with any other flavor of Callision, businesses have access to real-time monitoring and interactive call and status dashboards that provide full organizational visibility - a must in the times when workforce optimization is a requirement to stay competitive.”

Although this new solution is impressive and beneficial to small businesses, the second offering may be even more so. The second launch enables businesses of all sizes to use Callision with their existing SIP providers, which is a feature that no other Contact Center as a Service (CCaaS) offers yet. Jay Jideliov, the founder and CEO of Callision, stated that it decided to go this route rather than compete in the crowded SIP trunking space. This way, customers can pick their preferred vendors or use existing SIP providers, which should make transitioning to Callision simple. All in all, it sounds like Callision’s new solutions have the capability to help every size company in one way or another. 

Edited by Maurice Nagle


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