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Century Solutions Looks to Increase VoIP Communications Adoption

January 05, 2017

By Frank Griffin - Contributing Writer

The cost to purchase and maintain legacy phone systems, as well as the lack of features are some of the biggest reasons more individuals and organizations are migrating to IP communications. Unlike legacy telephony systems, Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) communications is able to deliver enterprise grade features and bring in many of today's digital technologies to more effectively communicate with voice, video and data across platforms, devices and systems anytime and anywhere. The Century Solutions Group wants to encourage more businesses to use VoIP communications, so it is providing small and medium-sized businesses a free, comprehensive phone system assessment through the end of January 2017 in Atlanta, GA.

Century Solutions offers premium IT support, consulting and business solutions to small and medium-sized businesses as a managed IT services provider (MSP) throughout Atlanta.  With this new promotion, the company wants local businesses to lower their cost of communications while improving their operations by simply switching to VoIP.

Jeff Wilder, President at Century Solutions Group, cited a study by the American Consumer Satisfaction Index reports in which more than 20 percent happier with VoIP than their traditional phone system. He goes on to say, "But many Atlanta business owners are still unsure how VoIP works or if it is a smart investment. Our goal with these free assessments is to educate and inform local businesses on the benefits of VoIP and give them options for moving forward should they decide VoIP is a good fit for their business model.”

Switching to VoIP communications gives organizations more options when it comes to being able to adapt to today's digital ecosystem.

It all starts with the cost. It is much cheaper to use VoIP because you don't have to invest in the hardware, long distance contracts and maintenance of legacy systems. Additionally, you are not locked into rigid contracts that greatly limits your ability to change or add options, as well as moving to a new location. With VoIP, you can start your service almost instantly, have all the features as a comprehensive package and move when and where you want and continue the service the very same day.

When it comes to features, you can have call forwarding, voicemail, video calls, mobility, software integration such as Office 365 and more. And the system is maintained by the service provider, so you never have to pay for maintenance like a system that is installed on premises.

You can also deploy wireless VoIP communications so your employees can use it when they are on the road to make low-cost calls or use many of the other features using Wi-Fi or hot spots. 

Edited by Maurice Nagle


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