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Ixia Improves Wi-Fi Capabilities to Deliver VoIP and Virtual PBX

December 15, 2016

By Frank Griffin - Contributing Writer

Hosted solutions rely on robust networks capable of providing a range of services, including unified communication (UC) solutions that offer conferencing and collaboration with voice, video and data transmission. Ixia, which provides network testing, visibility and security solutions announced it has made some improvements to its network assessment and monitoring platform called Hawkeye. These improvements will give service providers the ability to deliver IP communications such as virtual PBX by expanding coverage in wide area networks (WAN), local area networks (LAN) virtual private networks (VPN) and cloud access to wireless LAN (WLAN) architectures.

As more organizations deploy Voice over IP (VoIP) communications with mobile integration, Wi-Fi capabilities become an important component in accessing the services. Therefore, having an effective cloud-managed Wi-Fi management solution is playing a valuable role to ensure the quality of experience in the deliverability of the services.

The Hawkeye platform has been designed to assess how applications and services at able to perform by proactively generating and analyzing synthetic network and application traffic, which now also includes the readiness of Wi-Fi networks with the same proactive monitoring. Hawkeye covers WAN, LAN, VPN and WLAN by validating complex business critical services over Wi-Fi 24/7.

"Hawkeye provides effective information relating to the availability and performance of the key services our customers deliver over an IP network. Extending Hawkeye’s technology coverage to Wi-Fi will provide them with greater control over this critical aspect of the customer experience, eliminating any potential issues associated with their network and Wi-Fi access," said Tim Courtenay, managing director, ATIO telecoms division.

When companies deploy a virtual PBX or another hosted solution, Hawkeye gives IT professionals the ability to detect, diagnose and fix network performance-related problems before it affects the end user by simulating application traffic and sending key performance metrics to a central console. The platform has cloud capabilities that can be hosted from a single site or data center that can be accessed by teams publicly at multiple locations.

Hawkeye allows customers to deploy new services such as VoIP, UC, conferencing and business applications over wireline and wireless networks and automate the day-to-day IT task to manage complex network and application environment across offices, campus networks, and virtual data centers.

The ability to proactively detect problems and implement tests will give service providers the tools they need to deliver a better quality of experience for the best possible service level agreements for virtual PBX and other services with better network control and service performance.

Edited by Maurice Nagle



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