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Alaska Communications Brings Mobility to Businesses

November 03, 2016

By Alicia Young - Web Editor

Even in cold, snowy Alaska, the workforce is becoming increasingly mobile. When conducting business in the state, you need to be prepared for anything—snow, power outages, extremely cold weather for half the year, etc. Businesses without the right equipment can easily find themselves in trouble if employees can’t get to work due to weather or other reasons. That’s why Alaska Communications is now offering Cloud Business Office, a managed IT and connectivity solution, to help Alaska businesses become more productive, collaborative and mobile.

Alaska Communications is a provider of advanced broadband and managed IT services for businesses and consumers in Alaska. The company operates a statewide data network and an undersea fiber optic system that connects Alaska to the contiguous U.S. Taking charge of the state’s connectivity is a big job, and the company is looking to make things easier for everyone involved by investing in Cloud Business Office.

The Cloud Business Office package provides businesses with broadband, voice communications, Microsoft Office applications, Microsoft OneDrive storage and support to keep them connected to their customers. So, even if there’s a particularly stormy day and employees can’t make it to work, they can remain connected to their business—workers can access files through OneDrive and easily stay in contact with customers.

The solution also includes the new Business Internet Plus, which delivers higher upload speeds. Better speed means better productivity, which is essential for any workforce, but especially an increasingly mobile one. Not only should this feature increase productivity, but improve computing efficiency and enhance user experience with cloud applications as well. Business Internet Plus is delivered over a secure connection, so employees don’t have to worry about putting information at risk if they are working on the go.

Alaska Communications Director of Product Management Jim Gutcher commented on the need for this solution by saying, “We understand the importance of flexibility…With Cloud Business Office, you can conduct business and engage with customers from anywhere, while not being tied to an office. And, best of all, your separate Internet, voice and office applications are combined into one solution with one provider, one invoice and one partner to call.”

It’s all about making connectivity as easy as possible for Alaska businesses, from installation to training to actual use: “Alaska Communications is committed to reliability. Cloud Business Office comes with network support, on-site setup, and user training,” said Gutcher. “We are excited to offer a solution that makes it easy for businesses to take advantage of technology and use the cloud.”

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