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Barracuda Hooks Up Resellers with RingCentral

October 28, 2016

By Paula Bernier - Executive Editor, TMC

Barracuda Networks Inc. has called on RingCentral Inc. to provide its reseller partners with services to help them transition to be cloud-based communications entities. This follows the July discontinuation of the Barracuda Phone System line.

The RingCentral solutions address collaboration, fax, messaging, video, and voice communications, and can be integrated with customers’ other enterprise cloud solutions. These solutions were designed to cater to distributed and mobile workforces and are appropriate for all sizes of businesses in any geography.

"The cloud is dramatically changing the way we do business, and cloud-based communications offer partners an excellent opportunity to help their customers implement a solution that can efficiently scale along with them as their business grows," said Ken Grohe, senior vice president and general manager of emerging products at Barracuda. "Customer satisfaction is central to everything we do at Barracuda, and that philosophy is aligned at RingCentral. RingCentral is a market leader in enterprise cloud phone solutions, and offers an alternative for Barracuda Phone System customers."

In his July/August column On Rad’s Radar, Peter Radizeski wrote about the channel’s move to selling cloud services. He noted what a significant challenge it is for the channel to sell cloud services, but that it can be done successfully when sales people take the right approach.

For example, he said that Microcorp’s CEO Karin Fields has suggested sales people first ask customers what audio, web, and video conferencing solutions they are using. Radizeski also suggested that resellers expand the conversation with their customers and prospects to go beyond the pipe and also discuss their applications and traffic types, and what kind of services can be used to best meet the needs of their specific requirements on that front.

Of course, that’s easier said than done, because many sales people are focused on the sale, and much less interested in learning about their customers’ needs and educating themselves on new technologies so they can offer them the best solutions. But, as communications becomes more dynamic, in large part due to the rise of the cloud, those who sell communications and networking solutions will have no choice but to embrace the cloud and understand what it means for themselves and their customers and prospects. And finding partners that can help get them there could help ease that transition.



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